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DLP Strategic Business Consultants in Los Angeles

DLP (D’Lonra Partners) Consulting Group specializes in business process development, customer growth and organizational strategy plus transformation.

Our knowledgeable team of strategic business consultants will work with you to identify the following:

  • Market review and opportunities
  • Growth strategies
  • Marketing strategies

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Who We Are

DLP is a strategic business consulting firm. Our services include analyzing our Client needs and current business obstacles, identifying projects, scoping potential business solutions, and improving revenue by providing a strategic roadmap for the Client.


When you work with DLP, you gain a partner. Working together and partnering with our clients and establishing long-term relationship results for coordinated success. We provide the strategy and together we will work side-by-side with your teams to implement each strategy. Our process is proven effective.

ELEV8 Set Up

Our expert team of strategic business consultants will begin with an ELEV8 Audit of your business. We develop a thorough understanding of your business objectives and current processes. Our team evaluates your business to identify the areas needing improvement.

ELEV8 Business Audit & Plan

After identifying problem areas, we provide you with the audit results and ELEV8 Plan. This includes needs found, a strategy plan complete with milestones tailored for your business growth, and the tools needed to be procured or developed to get you where you want to be.

Go! Go! Go! ELEV8!

Once we have your business development plan in place, it’s time to implement ELEV8 Processes systematically and automatically as possible to ensure continued productivity for your business. We prioritize the areas of improvement and help you bring them to fruition.




Food and Beverage






B2B and B2C

Achieve Your Business Goals

Flexible consulting packages suit all businesses to help achieve your business goals