Wireless Networks

At DLP we have over 20 years of wireless networking experience. We are uniquely qualified to provide strategic and operational expertise for your business solutions. Our dedicated team of telecommunications experts have the knowledge to facilitate your needs in the following areas:

  • Wireless networks
    • oDAS
    • iDAS
  • Fiber solutions
  • Small cells
  • Microwave solutions

Over 20 Years of Wireless Networking Experience

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What’s New, What’s Next?

5G is here. It’s the future, but it’s highly sensitive to outside conditions and has to be optimized differently than traditional 4G solutions. So, is it the right solution for you? At DLP, we know that 4G is not going away and we can work with you to strategically structure a solution that takes care of today and ushers in a 5G tomorrow. Our team is from the industry and have a thorough understanding of both providers and clients.

  • Technology limitations
  • Operational restrictions
  • Strategy development
  • Churn

Whether the goal is to be the best with the latest or fulfilling the needs of your organization as part of a strategic plan, DLP has the experience and know how to facilitate the best solution for your business. We specialize in wireless communication and we are the team to facilitate any of your solution needs going into the new 5G world.

Using a data and metrics-based approach, we evaluate the viability of a business plan, determine strategic alternatives, articulate a value proposition or recommend and implement performance improvement tactics.

DAS & WiFi Solution Management

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are designed to provide wireless service in isolated or specialized locations. In general, these locations such as, office buildings, sports venues, and other facilities, need extra capacity and a DAS design is implemented to satisfy the need. These solutions can come in different configurations. Give us a call to see which solution will work for you.

  • oDas
  • iDas

Small Cell Solutions

The truth is, that we spend the majority of our time indoors. As technology evolves this is a trend that will likely continue. So, you need to evolve too. 5G small cells will play a major role in that evolution as demand from all devices increase exponentially in the coming years. DLP will make sure you are equipped and prepared for the future.

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